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An Autumn Month in Northwest London

See larger image An Autumn Month in North-West London A selection of articles from the 1922 issues of “Confidence” magazine that were authored by the Editor himself, the Rev. Alexander A. Boddy (1854-1930), who was the founder of Pentecostalism in the United Kingdom as well as Anglican vicar of All Saints’ Parish Church in Monkwearmouth, • Read More »

The Laying On Of Hands

See larger image The Laying on of Hands This book of Anglican doctrines and teachings written in 1895 is the work of Anglican vicar Rev. Alexander A. Boddy (1854-1930). The son of an Anglican rector, he was strongly influenced by Keswick teaching and studied theology at Durham. Ordained by Bishop J. B. Lightfoot, he became • Read More »

Palestine Today

See larger image Palestine Today; The Coming Deliverer; The Coming Kingdom Selected articles from the 1921 issues of “Confidence” magazine center on themes of Biblical prophecy and the Jewish return to the Palestine. This magazine was edited by the Rev. Alexander A. Boddy, an Anglican vicar who was the founder of Pentecostalism in the United • Read More »