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The Laying On Of Hands

See larger image The Laying on of Hands This book of Anglican doctrines and teachings written in 1895 is the work of Anglican vicar Rev. Alexander A. Boddy (1854-1930). The son of an Anglican rector, he was strongly influenced by Keswick teaching and studied theology at Durham. Ordained by Bishop J. B. Lightfoot, he became • Read More »

Pleading of the Blood

See larger image The Laying on of Hands The Rev. Alexander A. Boddy says in the introduction to his 1907 pamphlet, [The True] Pleading of the Blood: “This Booklet is issued to emphasize the right “pleading” of the Precious Blood. The Writer cannot endorse any method which is not clearly Scriptural, or any method which • Read More »

Pentecost for England

The pamphlet, “Pentecost for England,” prepared by the Rev. Alexander A. Boddy (1854-1930) for distribution at the Keswick Convention of 1907, is available for Kindle on Amazon. Writing only one year after the initial Pentecostal outpourings of Los Angeles and elsewhere, Boddy says that already 20,000 people have received the gift of speaking in tongues • Read More »