A Vicar’s Testimony

An earnest “Seeker” whilst kneeling before the lord in one of our meetings suddenly saw Him with outstretched hands — as if blessing the world. The great world in darkness was below Him, and from His fingertips slowly fell drops of living flame. Where they fell on the earth each drop kindled a little fire when then grew and spread. So she saw many little fires kindled in this country of ours. We praise God that we know of at least twenty centers where He is giving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with “signs,” and most of these have received blessing through the meetings here in Sunderland. To our God indeed alone be the glory. But may we not expect the great Enemy of Souls to work also more determinedly than ever before. Yes, indeed! And we need to keep very true to the Lord, and to be sheltered consciously and really under His blood and behind His Cross.

Whatever may be wrongly attributed to this work of God, whatever of unconscious bias in those without who write about it; whatever mistakes we may have really made, whatever onslaughts the devil may have made — we know that the

Lord is in this His work.

Alexander A. Boddy, writing in “A Vicar’s Testimony,” about 1907.

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