Pleading of the Blood

The Laying on of Hands

The Rev. Alexander A. Boddy says in the introduction to his 1907 pamphlet,
[The True] Pleading of the BloodCover-PleadingoftheBlood: “This Booklet is issued to emphasize the right
“pleading” of the Precious Blood. The Writer cannot endorse any method which is not clearly Scriptural, or any method which is not (as far as we know) Apostolic. The Lord certainly looks at the heart, and in spite of unscriptural actions has met sanctified souls under strange conditions. But the Writer would dissuade all from rapidly repeating the word “Blood,” especially that word standing quite alone. We cannot be too reverent in speaking of “The precious Blood of Christ.” The true pleading of the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus is not by swift repetition, but
by reverent, adoring faith.


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